Fieldhouse offers clients a broad suite of products and strategies that are designed to deliver quality, consistent returns. With a choice of managed accounts, tax efficient pooled funds, hedge and overlay strategies we have the right solutions to suit your investment objectives. Clients benefit from a diversity of management styles, asset class focus and investment horizons and work with their portfolio manager to create a tailored solution that meets their investment objectives. This can be achieved either through a concentrated investment in a single fund, or as a diversified allocation across our actively managed programs. In addition investment managers can refine allocations to include third party funds, to make both strategic and tactical decisions that assist in meeting investment objectives.


Fieldhouse Capital Management Inc. (FHCM) is a private limited liability company organized under the federal laws of Canada. FHCM was incorporated in Sept of 2007 to engage in the business of offering investment and trading advice in conjunction with portfolio management services for managed and non directed investment accounts.

FHCM and its respective advisors carry the necessary licenses and service proficiencies to provide the services associated with their disclosed activities and services. The company is privately owned and operated by a group of the advising employees and related service providers.


  • Douglas Sereda – Director & CEO
  • Nick Laxton – Director & President
  • Janet Hoffar – Director & CFO
  • Mark Redcliffe – Director
  • Terry O’Flynn – Director
  • Kathleen Black – CCO


  • Douglas Sereda
  • Nick Laxton


  • Douglas Sereda – UDP
  • Kathleen Black – CCO & Privacy Officer


  • Christie McKay


230 – 1122 Mainland St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5L1

PHONE: 778-330-3000
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-226-0335
EMAIL: info@fieldhousecap.com