Todd MacSween

Todd MacSween
CFA, Portfolio Manager

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  • Long/Short
  • Proprietary Model
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Market Timing




Todd David MacSween is a CFA Charterholder. He graduated from the University of Victoria’s Bachelor of Commerce program with distinction. He then began to pursue the rigorous and coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Todd is also a holder of the Chartered Investment Manager Designation (CIM). Todd has a diverse range of capital markets experience. He began his career working with the Provincial Treasury, the arm of the Ministry of Finance that is responsible for borrowing and financing activities for the Province. There he priced and issued fixed income securities while working alongside the capital markets group. He built the risk management model that guided the $400M BCIIF fund and advised its board on investment decisions and risk management. He left his role, as Project Manager in Corporate & Project Finance, with the Ministry of Finance to join a global macro currency hedge fund. In his role with the hedge fund he built and coded an automated trading system which managed currency and commodity trading activity. The system was managed by a strict quantitative risk management algorithm that he developed.
Todd has been an active market participant for over 15 years and today relies on his extensive education, namely as a CFA Charterholder, to make prudent investment and associated risk management decisions for clients.


Todd takes a multi-faceted approach to asset management.  He builds portfolios that are diversified across asset classes and does not rely on a single method for security selection.  With regard to equities he focuses on fundamental analysis with value and growth at a reasonable price underpinning the securities selection process.  He then layers on his proprietary quantitative investment model as a check both on entry and exit of a position.  As a CFA, however, when building a comprehensive portfolio for a client he is very cognizant of asset mix as well as geographic and sector diversification.  Prudent portfolio management and calculated risk exposure are paramount to a successful portfolio with a long time horizon.