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Total Return Investor Global Macro Strategy Fund

(Class D)

Investment Objective

The foundation of the portfolio manager’s investment strategy provides for the deployment of long or short positions in a portfolio of commodity and financial market futures positions supplemented by equities, fixed income securities, preferred shares, exchange traded funds.

Investment Strategy

The use of futures can increase the leverage used to execute the investment strategy. The portfolio manager uses a combination of macroeconomic, fundamental and technical indicators to assess the stage of the business cycle. Proprietary indicators of the Program are designed to indicate opportunities for higher probability and lower risk trade entry and exit levels based on the portfolio manager’s cycles and trend investment process.



Fundamental and Technical

Proprietary business cycle model to predict trends

Systematic and disciplined trade entry/exit

Key Facts

Risk Profile

Moderate to High Risk

General Information


Rabbie Gill

Share Class

Class D

FundSERV Code

FHC 300


Jan 1, 2020

Pricing Schedule




Hurdle Rate

8% Annually

High Watermark


Incentive Fee

20% Annually

Management Fee

2.0% Annually

Minimum Investment

$1000 CAD

Client Services 778-330-3000

About the Manager - Rabbie Gill

Rabbie Gill is a portfolio manager with over 16 years of investment management and capital markets experience. Rabbie is a CFA charter holder and has an MBA in Management of Technology and a BBA with a double major in Finance and Economics through Simon Fraser University.

Important Information

The risk and return profile of this fund is not suitable for all investors. You should seek professional advice that the fund fits your investment objectives and risk tolerance. The historical returns presented here are not an indication of future performance since fund performance can go down as well as up. 

Do not use this page as the sole means to decide how to invest. There are many important factors to consider and you should seek professional advice that can assess your personal circumstances and risk appetite.

This page and website is NOT a solicitation for investment. 

Client Services 778-330-3000

About Fieldhouse

Fieldhouse offers clients a broad suite of products and strategies that are designed to deliver consistent high quality returns. With a choice of managed accounts, tax efficient pooled funds, hedge and overlay strategies, we have the right solutions to suit your investment objectives. Clients benefit from a diverse range of management styles, asset class focus and investment horizons and work with the portfolio manager to create a tailored solution that meets their investment objectives. This can be achieved either through a concentrated investment in a single fund, or as a diversified allocation across our actively managed programs. In addition, investment managers can refine allocations to include third party funds, to make both strategic and tactical decisions that assist in meeting the investment objectives. 

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