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Portfolio Manager

Jay is a Portfolio Manager and runs the Oasis Growth Fund.



Work History & Achievements

ATB Investment Management 2009-2012
Discretionary Portfolio Manager (AUM 50M)

Philips, Hager & North Investment Management 1998-2006
Discretionary Portfolio Manager (AUM 50M)
Fund Advisor (AUM 100M)
Montreal Regional Manager 2003-2005

British Columbia Institute of Technology 1999-2000
‘Personal Finance Management’ course Instructor

MD Management 1994-1997
Advisor for 200 physicians (AUM 80M)

Strategy & Investment Approach

Desiring to create a worthwhile alternative for investors has lead to the design and launch of the performance-accountable “Oasis Growth Fund”. To generate annual returns in excess of the long-term expected return of the S&P 500 Index (8%). Growth is achieved by investing in an equal-weighted portfolio of diversified, high quality, North American medium- and large-cap stocks with periodic rebalancing.

In addition, supplementary income is generated by selling options contracts (Cash-secured Puts and Covered Calls) on high quality North American stocks.

For portfolio protection, we occasionally use stock options or futures. The Oasis Growth Fund investment model and fee structure have been purposefully designed to offer one of the most client-centric fund models in the industry.

In all facets, the Oasis Growth Fund is a true blend of best industry practices.

Jay Mason


Investment Themes

  • Proprietary Model

    Achieve growth by investing in an equal-weighted, sector-balanced, geographically diversified portfolio of high quality North American large and mid-cap growth stocks.

  • Long Only Equity Risk Management

    As portfolio protection, defensive measures are implemented using Canadian or US stock options or futures.

  • Passive Option Writing

    Income generation from passive portfolios of covered calls and cash-secured put contracts.

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