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Portfolio Manager

John is a Portfolio Manager for Fieldhouse and runs our Precious Metals Equity group.



Work History & Achievements

35 years experience as an officer, director, portfolio manager and investment advisor
Scotia McLeod
CIBC Wood Gundy
Richardson Greenshields (RBC Capital Markets)

Head of Fieldhouse Precious Metals Equity Group

Industry Expert
Regular conference and panel speaker
Demonstrable skill to select companies capable of generating substantial growth

Strategy & Investment Approach

To source potential investment candidates a large scale screening processes utilizing proprietary technical analysis software is used to seek out the strongest companies in the sector of interest. Definable options would then be screened by the Portfolio Manager’s fundamental research to define the top prospects to invest in. Entry and exit timing is then managed with the assistance timing models to enhance the value of the investment decision from the standpoint of the value add of the trade.

From a macro risk management prospective the portfolio manager utilizes hedging mechanisms from time to time that may utilize the use of exchange traded derivatives to neutralize sector specific market risk. This allows John the ability to enhance relative performance and remove the need to unnecessarily liquidate long term growth prospects in challenging liquidity circumstances.

The Precious Metals market will always be important for the Canadian economy and investors - it requires meticulous research, risk management and crucially patience.

John Newell


Investment Themes

  • Gold & Precious Metals Leader

    Long standing expert in Canadian precious metals sector.

  • Fundamental and Data Driven Stock Picker

    Market understanding and experience combined with fundamental research proves a winning formula in this sector.

  • Geographical and Business Understanding

    The ability to understand the geographical history and consequence combined with the underlying business structure allows to cut through the data to understand potential enterprise growth.

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