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A Community of Like Minded Investment Professionals With the Platform to Succeed

Clients First

Fieldhouse supports our advisors in a client centred management approach. Our network uses our institutional grade operational platform to focus on what matters most – helping clients achieve their long term financial goals.

Focus on growth

Our advisors gain access to a suite of reporting, risk management and execution tools usually found at larger firms. Our professionals have the operational foundations to spend more time on building their client relationships and growing their practice.

With Fieldhouse’s support from marketing to infrastructure our investment professionals spend time on what they do best – investing and client management.

Independent But Part of a Team

Many professionals that join us bring established identities and brands their clients connect with. We are happy to support them - Fieldhouse Investment Professionals are empowered not overpowered.

Many advisors, however, want to take on the Fieldhouse name. They want to use our growing community of peers to leverage their business and get access to our global market know-how in every asset class. 

An Experienced Team that puts you first

The Fieldhouse Investment Team have an average of 20 plus years capital market experience. They each bring their own area of expertise either via a specific fund or program they manage. Those strategies offer investors a diverse range of opportunities for long-term growth. Our managers are also free to explore the entire marketplace for funds, strategies and investments that help their clients meet their unique objectives and circumstances. With a rock solid client services group, execution and operational platform we know you’ll notice the difference. 

Meet Our Investment Professionals

Managing Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers

Thinking Out Loud

Our Investment Professionals regularly produce their latest  insights and what has them thinking. 

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