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Fieldhouse believes investment management is more than managing money — it’s helping you realize your financial goals. When you receive advice and guidance from an experienced advisor, backed by the strength of Fieldhouse’s community, institutional grade technology and financial solutions, we know you’ll notice the difference.

Advisors With a Passion to Perform

Our team of Portfolio Managers each have a unique perspective on financial markets but share a common goal; to build an investment management business within a community of talented investment professionals. We help our professionals focus on growing and servicing the long-term financial goals of their clients.

Investment Capabilities

Fieldhouse professionals are free to seek opportunities and solutions that call upon their vast market experience and know-how. Our breadth of investment capabilities means our professionals can offer their clients some of the most innovative products and strategies in the market. 

Fieldhouse PRODUCTS

Fieldhouse professionals can offer their core strategy in an efficiently managed fund. Our suite of funds create a diverse line up of strategies to compliment any portfolio.

A Professional network

Our professionals have extensive market expertise and experience. Our clients gain access to a team of advisors with a global outlook and diverse range of perspectives. 

breadth & depth

From FX to Insurance, from  Derivative Overlay to Pension Mandates – Fieldhouse covers every base with an institutional grade investment and risk platform. 

The Fieldhouse story

over a decade with Fieldhouse


In 2010 Fieldhouse first implemented commodity derivatives strategies for clients.    We expanded to offer systematic FX & Interest Rate derivative overlays as well as algo-driven  equity portfolios.


By 2015 we had made the move to package the strategies of our portfolio managers into funds. 

Not only did this feature attract experienced and talented investment professionals, but allowed clients to access Fieldhouse’s know-how in efficiently managed and widely accessible funds across Canada.


Our office expansion in British Columbia continued in 2017 to service our nationwide clientele. We invest in technology and systems; Fieldhouse strives to have the edge in risk management and execution across a
multi-custodial network.

In 2020 we continued our asset growth and crucially fostered our relationships with clients.



2021 has brought challenges but we are already on our way for another ten years as we help build client wealth and target their long term financial goals.



Covering five Provinces in 2022, with a close-knit team of seasoned Investment Professionals and highly educated and experienced staff, you can see why our clients want to be part of Fieldhouse.


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