About Fieldhouse

Investing in Your Future Since 2010

Fieldhouse is a Canadian investment management firm with multiple offices. We’ve grown from two people running systematic derivative overlays to multiple offices supporting our clients and their long-term financial goals. 

A Client Focused Firm

We are a client focused investment firm that started in Vancouver in 2010. With thousands of portfolios, exposed to global markets in all the asset classes, we work around the clock to ensure your money is hard at work.

A Talented Team

Our founders Doug Sereda and Nick Laxton have nearly 60 years of combined investment experience and are joined by highly talented and experienced professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds.

A Proactive Team

Our team has the ability to identify and solve complex financial problems with their characteristic no-nonsense pragmatic approach.

We have continued to attract seasoned investment professionals with a clear appetite to build their practices and help support their clients. We provide the operational and business support to succeed so that Fieldhouse can foster and reward talent in a no-excuses environment. 

We also believe that hiring smart and qualified people without lots of experience is important too. We’ve nurtured young talent and developed their skills to support Fieldhouse’s continued commitment to growth. 

Supporting Bigger & better

Our operational platform supports investment managers who want to grow their business by keeping their focus on their client relationships and portfolios. Fieldhouse offers managers the opportunity to build a fund, run their own branch or keep their own brand. Fieldhouse has built a business around their managers to support them from compliance to finance and  from trading to client services. Our philosophy is a culture where everyone has the chance to have their say and the responsibility to make us all better.

We've Got The Power

A systematic approach is in our DNA. Investment discipline is mandatory.

We are committed to our long-term investment in data, technology, systems and people  to ensure our managers and investment teams have everything they need at their fingertips. 

The market, however, cannot be solved by computers alone. That’s why our portfolio managers all offer a unique perspective on markets and investment opportunities that models can’t access.  

By recognising that no single technique is “right” we make our process disciplined, transparent and accountable. 

the right balance

We’re passionate about finance and investing but we know we have to take care of the people at Fieldhouse too. We are an equal opportunities employer with a multi-cultural and multi-national environment that helps us maintain a global perspective. We offer a flexible working environment so that everyone can offer the right level of productivity and professionalism to get the job done. 

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