Another Trap Ahead for Both the Bears & Bulls?

Another Trap Ahead for Both the Bears & Bulls? The topping process for equity markets is just that, a process. The process catches many investors off guard as the numerous twists and turns whipsaw their conviction and positioning.  TRI’s anticipatory indicators continue to point to significant economic headwinds in the year ahead.  TRI believes this will result in risk assets being re-priced materially lower.  But before we get there, the risk markets appear to be setting up two more traps, one for the bears and then one for the bulls, before the larger degree sell-off materializes into Fall 2019 / Winter 2020. Source: Bulls and bears alike have become more polarized from the current market action.  TRI is neither a perma-bull, nor a perma-bear.   TRI’s endeavors to provide independent and objective market insights and portfolio management through a proprietary and repeatable investment process anchored around the business cycle. TRI process is probability based, as there are not guarantees or certainties with investing.  At times TRI might be early or late on call and will openly acknowledge misses or changes in our expectations as new information surfaces. TRI’s goal is to protect our client’s capital and grow it regardless of…

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