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Investment Objective

The FX & Rates Overlay program aims to generate a consistent source of return from global currency markets and interest rates. We only invest in G10 FX markets (although we can add additional Emerging Market currencies in a higher risk program) and major bond markets. Our underlying philosophy is that repeatable market behaviour is present in this markets that can be exploited over the long term. Construction of data driven fundamental and economically based strategies using a model based foundation results in a set of efficiently managed high quality positions. With the discipline of a systematic process the FX & Rates Overlay can be rigorously maintained in a single effective risk management framework.

Investment Strategy

We use a rigorous research process to discover repeatable market behaviour in currency and interest rate markets. We develop multiple strategies that are naturally diversifying via the markets in which they invest, time horizon and underlying economic and fundamental data they use. Each model uses an underlying fundamentally driven premise to build relative value positions in a set of G10 currencies or views on global interest markets or across single yield curves in developed countries. Each model is adjusted to take equal risk as assessed by our proprietary AlphaSelect risk model. The combined portfolio is then adjusted to target risk that meets the client risk objectives for a tailor made solution.

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Nick Laxton

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Managed Account

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Jan 1, 2012

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Hurdle Rate


High Watermark


Incentive Fee

20% Annually

Management Fee

2% Annually

Minimum Investment

$500,000 Notional

Latest Performance

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G10 Currencies and Developed Interest Rate Markets

Proprietary Risk Management Framework that monitors and controls exposures to adjust through changes in market volatility

Maximised Diversification Benefit using uncorrelated strategies (by design) discovered using a highly rigorous data driven research process

Ability to run unfunded programs

About the Manager

Nick is CEO of Fieldhouse and a portfolio manager with over 22 years of investment management experience in both Europe and North America. Nick has held a variety of senior management roles for some of the world’s largest asset managers, investment banks and hedge funds. He has successfully managed institutional and high net worth client accounts with a focus on a systematic approach to investment in global futures markets.

Important Information

The risk and return profile of this fund is not suitable for all investors. You should seek professional advice that the fund fits your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Historical returns are not an indication of future performance since fund performance can go down as well as up.

Do not use this page as the sole means to decide how to invest. There are many important factors to consider and you should seek professional advice that can assess your personal circumstances and risk appetite.

This page and website is NOT a solicitation for investment. 

Client Services 778-330-3000

About Fieldhouse

Fieldhouse offers clients a broad suite of products and strategies that are designed to deliver consistently high quality returns. 

With a choice of managed accounts, tax efficient pooled funds, hedge and overlay strategies, we have the right solutions to suit your investment objectives. 

Clients benefit from a diverse range of management styles, asset class focus and investment horizons and work with the portfolio manager to create a tailored solution that meets their investment objectives. 

This can be achieved either through a concentrated investment in a single fund, or as a diversified allocation across our actively managed programs. In addition, investment managers can refine allocations to include third party funds, to make both strategic and tactical decisions that assist in meeting the investment objectives. 

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