An Experienced Team that puts you first

The Fieldhouse Investment Team have an average of 20 plus years capital market experience. They each bring their own area of expertise either via a specific fund or program they manage. Those strategies offer investors a diverse range of opportunities for long-term growth. Our managers are also free to explore the entire marketplace for funds, strategies and investments that help their clients meet their unique objectives and circumstances. With a rock solid client services group, execution and operational platform we know you’ll notice the difference. 

Executive Portfolio Managers



Investment Strategies That Matter

Fieldhouse investment professionals run a range of mandates each with a unique focus and style. Our clients can benefit from access to lower cost 3rd party products; Fieldhouse can leverage it’s size to negotiate with independent managers for lower fees. Our professionals can run managed accounts uniquely tailored for individual clients or offer a full wealth management service for long-term growth. Many of our professionals package their strategies into efficiently managed funds that offer many tax advantages and access to investments usually not offered to smaller investors. 

Fieldhouse Strategies For Every Investor

Every investment professional at Fieldhouse can package their know-how and experience into one efficiently managed vehicle. A fund offers a wider distribution network that gives the fund clients the ability to leverage their pooled assets – better execution, pricing, competitive fees combined with market and product access often unavailable to most investors. 

Oasis Growth Fund

High quality North American equity growth fund with low fees and moderate risk…

Total Return Investor

Global Macro strategy that highlights global economic themes and trends nimbly and efficiently…

Investment Expertise. Unboxed.

Not all strategies lend themselves to the benefits of a fund vehicle. Many of our clients enjoy unfunded or highly leveraged strategies; a tailor made solution for their specific needs. Several of our managers offer these “unboxed” solutions as a standalone product or in conjunction with other mandates they offer.

FX & Rates Overlay

Systematic approach to currency and interest rates with funded or unfunded solutions…

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