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Portfolio Manager

John is a Portfolio Manager for the Enhanced Pension Plus (FPFI Class P) Fund and runs the Prince George Office.



Work History & Achievements

Chartered Investment Manager® and Certified Financial Planner®
20 years of experience as an investment advisor for high net worth families and business owners.
Combined experience of financial planning, extensive capital market participation and business development to assist clients.

Family Office style management

Author of “The Kason Point”

Strategy & Investment Approach

John’s multi-manager approach offers access to a team of global portfolio managers each with specific expertise and management styles. Unlike many firms, Fieldhouse isn’t tied to proprietary product that provides an unconstrained opportunity to seek uncorrelated returns across the entire market.

Changes in the portfolio mix are based on an individual client’s objectives and portfolio size.  Flexibility and responsiveness to individual client needs and market conditions are not sacrificed nor is the portfolio held hostage to investment mandates or global conditions.

Clients  benefit from this approach as it allows for true private wealth management services to be offered. Clients with more complex needs can benefit from a thorough financial review to ensure nothing is overlooked, and no opportunity is missed. This strategy is appropriate for investors who seek both current or future retirement income and consistent portfolio growth while experiencing low volatility and event based risk.

Increasingly, sophisticated clients seek access to pension style diversification, global outlook and risk management for their portfolio delivered in a family office experience focused on goal based planning and service.

John Kason


Investment Themes

  • Diversification

    Access to the broad market is crucial to finding uncorrelated sources of return. Fieldhouse isn't limited to it's own wealth of expertise so investors have access to the best managers and efficiently managed products.

  • Broad Market Risk Adjusted Exposure

    With a long term strategic approach clients can achieve exposure to the broader market within a strong risk management framework.

  • Global Outlook

    Every company faces challenges from the global marketplace whether directly or indirectly. Our research and analysis looks deeply into global trends and world economic factors that can have a huge impact on portfolio returns.

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